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Backup sharepoint webapplication

Posted by fillzephyr on September 6, 2008


To do backup of sharepoint web application or farm you have to keep in mind these points

1) You have to create a folder(say abc) on the WFE/computer on which your all file systems are resides or in other word on your WFE.

2) the folder(abc) in which you take back up you have to make it share folder.

3) And at last in permissions you have to give it full permissions to this folder(abc ).

4) Now Go To  the Central Administration> Operations page> Backup and Restore > click Perform a  backup.

5) On the select componet to back up page select the webapplication , content database or the farm that u want to back up.  then click continue.

6) In the back up content section check the web application whether it is same or different. In type of  back up  select full if you are  doing for the first time. else you can do either full or differential if it is not first time. In the Back up file location give path….. \\servername\name of folder(abc)…..where server name is name of WFE or computer name(on which all filesystem resides).

7) ok and thats it. It started backing up.

if you follow these steps you can easily do backup of your webapplication or farm.


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