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Invalid List Template Error

Posted by fillzephyr on November 24, 2008


When i go to this site url http://vpc01:1234/sites/sitecollection_45/default.aspx i am getting the error of  invalid list template and i am not able to see any page .


Invalid list template error .


i go to the url http://vpc01:1234/sites/sitecollection_45/default.aspx then add “?contents=1″ at the end of the url

so now my url is  http://vpc01:1234/sites/sitecollection_45/default.aspx?contents=1. And you will redirect to =>  Web Part Page Maintenance.

Close all the webparts in this page.

After closing the webpart you can see you home page. Afterward you can add the webpart using edit page mode in the particaular webpart zone as it is before and you ll have your original page.


One Response to “Invalid List Template Error”

  1. John said

    Great tip! Unfortunately I created a Site Template from a Site… so there isn’t a “delete this site” option later… =(

    Still, this at least cleans it up!

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