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Solutions Deployment Hungs up on Deploying/retracting in MOSS 2007

Posted by fillzephyr on May 11, 2009

Problem: During the execution of a retraction/deployment the timer job may hang showing ‘Retracting’ or ‘deploying’ and never completes

Cause: This is cause from one of the WFE not being able to finalize the retraction or deployment.

Solution: For each WFE in the farm execute a stsadm.exe -o execadmsvcjobs. I had follow up these two good articles to come out from deploying /retracting status.



But what next when I try to deploy/retract the solution again. It hung’s up.  So I tried to figure out whats the problem causing this thing. I checked in my Timer job status (Central Administration>Operations>Timer Job Status) and it show that the Solution is tried to deploy on my one WFE and the index server.   I had not found any deployment on my other WFE So I had executed the command stsadm.exe -o execadmsvcjobs manually on the other WFE server. And it works like a charm the solution deployed/retracted successfully.

Also I had tried to check the time of my servers and my CA web application to confirm that they both are on the same time zone sometime this may also create a problem for deploying/retracting the solutions on the servers. In my case they are on the same time zone. To check the time zone for your CA site just


Central Administration>Application Management>Web Application General Settings

Select your central administration web application. In Default Time Zone just checks out the time to match with your servers. If it’s not matched then select the appropriate time zone and click OK.


Feedback appreciated.

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