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Change MySite Web application

Posted by fillzephyr on April 20, 2009

When first My site is created its url is http://moss:23478/ I want to change to something good url name like http://Mysite . So I had done following steps.

Create a Web Application:

Go to

Central Administration > Application Management > Create or Extend Web Application > Create New Web Application

IIS Web Site:

Create a New IIS website Description: Mysite

Port: 80

Host Header: Mysite

Path: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\mysite

Security Configuration:

Authentication Provider: NTLM

Allow Anonymous: No

Use SSL: No

Load Balance Url: http://Mysite:80

Application Pool:

Create New Application Pool:

Application Pool Name: Sharepointpool_mysite


Username: farmadmin

Password: **********

Restart Manually

Database Name and Authentication:

Database Server: XYZ


Hit OK

Create A Site Collection:

Go to

Central Administration > Application Management > Create Site Collection

Web application: http://mysite

Title: Mysite

Website Addresses: http://mysite / (root site)

Select a Template: Enterprise > My Site Host

Username: Farmadmin

Select a Quota Template: No Quota

Hit OK

Create Managed Paths:

Go to

Central Administration > Application Management > Defined Managed Paths

Web Application: http://mysite

Add a New Path:

Path: personal

Type: wildcard inclusion

(Check url)

Hit OK

Modify SSP Settings for My sites:

Go to

Shared Services Administration: Shared services > My Site Settings

Personal site services:

Personal site provider: http://mysite

Personal site Location:

Location: personal

Hit OK

Now go and click on My site Links on the top and it will create your personal site using:






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