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Redirecting or Changing My Sites Link Name to the New Link Name

Posted by fillzephyr on June 26, 2009


I had got a requirement to change the name of hyperlink  from ” My Site “to the some other Name called ” My”. 




I had download this codeplex project…………….


Open the Project using Visula studio. Go to the \12\TEMPLATE\CONTROLTEMPLATES\MySpace in the Project and open the MySpaceLink.ascx file

Now go to the line

<asp:HyperLink id=”hlMySite” Text=”MySpace” NavigateUrl=”/_layouts/MySpace/MySpace.aspx” runat=”server” /> 

here change the Text = “My”.  Save the file.

Now  rebuild the solution to see if there is any error.

After builing solution successfully, create the solution package using WSP builder.

Now add the solution to the server. Deploy it globally.

You can see the change to “My” from “My site ” at the top link.




Hope It will helpful.




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