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Installation of windows server 2003 R2 on virtual PC 2007

Posted by fillzephyr on August 29, 2008

I am trying to install the windows server 2003 R2, which is basically an ISO image, in my virtual PC 2007. I came through this good articles



it helped me until the virtual PC is setup. And one more thing i had selected Windows server 2003 in my operating system.Now the problem came here. When i try to install my winserver 2003 it didnt show anthing up. so i go to the Operating system options and in Boot i put CD option in top priorities and save it and exit.

Now after wards i go to the Option Of CD and the select Capture ISO Image option and then go straight to start option in virtual pc console. And here we go it started running operating system. and atlast i had setup and configure my operating system.


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JULY Weekends

Posted by fillzephyr on August 10, 2008

I had been enjoyed lots on the weekends of JULY 2008.

On the first weekend of july we were gone to the six flags in NJ. We were 8 ppl in our group and enjoy alot. we reached there late and not able to complete all ride so feel to well planed  next time.The most enjoyable ride for me is the KINGDAKA………..u feel thrill when u been on that ride for me i like the speed of the ride and the way it fall from a scuh a  height. Oh man u really need to be strong……..its been a great pleasure ……….

 On the second weekend we have a birthday of two of my friend and its  been a get togather of old friends and got a chance to meet old folks at that time and as usual we give a big bumps to the birthday boys……we had done a lots of activity. Played Badminton,Volleyballs and drink drink and drink ………………….

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